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Toto’s Flotation Tub is out of this World

Like Apollo 11, Toto is breaking new ground with their new Flotation Tub. By mimicking the posture that astronauts adopt when catching a few z’s in space, the Flotation Tub can become a Sea of Tranquility in the privacy of your home.
Anticipation has been building around the Flotation Tub ever since Toto first announced it in March 2017. It was recently on display at CES 2018 and the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show where we caught a glimpse of it in all its fibre-reinforced polymer and synthetic marble glory.

How Does it Work Major Tom?

Thanks to Toto’s exploration of the way astronauts interact with zero gravity, the Floatation Tub will have you “Floating in the most peculiar way.” Gone is the flat bottom of traditional tubs to be replaced by a design that elevates your feet to produce a more comfortable spinal position. At every point, your joints are supported and aligned to suit the bodies natural shape.
Soothing water jets work to knead tired and aching muscles while the adjustable pillow sends a cascading waterfall over your neck and shoulders to maintain body warmth. To enhance the otherworldly feel of the tub, soft LED lights create a relaxing atmosphere from below.

A New Frontier in Flotation Therapy

As well as studying snoozing astronauts, Toto also spent the last decade investigating the effects of “neural relaxation.” Through their findings, they have developed the Floatation Tub as a means to induce a meditative state in bathers. The synergy of a relaxed posture, the soothing feel of flowing water and mellow light provide a genuinely immersive experience without the potential for claustrophobia that some people may experience in a flotation tank.
The ultimate objective of the Flotation Tub is to engender a serenity that allows the user to switch off the language centre in their brain and float away without a care on the world.
This type of tranquillity doesn’t come cheap but then that’s still cheaper than a seat on Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic spaceflight, and probably a whole lot more relaxing too!