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Mirrors / Cabinets

At Jacques we want to help you create bathrooms that are beautiful and functional, and this is the inspiration behind our range of mirrors and cabinets.

Your bathroom is a hardworking space that has to deliver on everyday use, as well as reflecting your personal style – be it tranquillity, playfulness, or classical elegance. Accessories such as mirrors and cabinets combine form and function, with great designs and high quality manufacture.


The right mirror or mirrors can really bring your bathroom to life, lighting up dark corners, creating the impression of space, and bringing the room together.
We bring you mirrors to suit all aesthetics, with large fitted hotel style mirrors that go above your sink, or extravagantly framed pieces to suit a Victorian or Rococo room. We have mirrored tiles, steam proof mirrors and different shapes and sizes to create a fully comprehensive range.
Our collection also includes mirrors with integrated lighting to enhance visibility.


Bathrooms look their best clutter free, but everyone who uses a bathroom has bottles, tubs, pots, brushes, and much more that they need readily to hand. The solution is to ensure your bathroom has plentiful storage for toiletries and accessories, and our designer bathroom cabinets provide shelved space for all your bathroom things.

At Jacques we can create bathrooms that seamless encompass all the cabinet storage you need, with integrated spaces that retain the clean lines of a modern home. We also offer a collection of separate cabinets made from beautiful materials, to complement and enhance your design.

Finding the right mirror or cabinet

Because we take care of all our customers from start to finish we are here to help with every detail. Visit our welcoming showroom for bathroom ideas and to browse our collection, or get in touch with us for design inspiration.

Bathroom Mirrors