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Creating Your Designer Bathroom

Creating Your Designer Bathroom

Planning your new designer en-suite, shower room or family bath can be an exciting and inspiring activity, and there are so many different things to think about. You want the space to be a reflection of your style, to create a mood, and most of all to look fabulous.

There are many ways you can create a design that is unique to you and is also a lovely experience to use. The fun is in imagining the transformation; allowing yourself to think differently, to create the dream – and then go shopping!

There are some key decorative and design factors you can consider:

  • Atmosphere: you probably have a good idea what kind of feel you want, and have been inspired by a hotel, spa, grand house, or a magazine.
  • Tiles and mirrors: tiles are a practical addition to any bathroom, but the right tiles can be so beautiful and contribute to the overall look. Think about how you could use mirrors to enlarge the appearance of the room or enhance natural light.
  • One sink or two? A double sink or even two sinks side by side can create fun and intimacy.
  • Lighting: from serene ceiling spotlights to a grand chandelier, you can make a real statement with your lighting, or allow it to create a mood unnoticed.
  • Architectural elements: why not go for a dramatic change with enhancements such as arches, a raised bath, or by varying the floor levels. Ideal for creating interest in a large space.
  • Storage. Don’t forget the practicalities. No one knows better than you where things should go, so make sure all your toiletries and accessories have a home.
  • Materials: wood, stone, bamboo, marble, lacquer, plastics; there is so much choice for beautiful materials to suit any style.

Who can help you bring your vision to life?

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