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Bringing You The Home Sauna Revolution

Bringing You The Home Sauna Revolution

Have you been considering the luxury of a sauna in your own home? The range of saunas available on the market includes sizes and specifications to suit any ambition, and all offer the improved well being and relaxation of this ancient therapy.

With many people wanting to bring the look and feel of the spa home to their bathrooms, it’s no wonder that saunas are an increasingly popular addition for households in Solihull, Birmingham, Stratford Upon Avon, and Leamington Spa.

A Sauna To Suit You And Your Home

  • Many modern saunas are an adaptable modular design that can fit where needed. The first thing you will need to do is consider how feasible the available space is for the size sauna you want.
  • With different construction types available you can choose one that best fits your needs: saunas can be fitted as part of your bathroom, home gym, or even outside.
  • Modern saunas benefit from digital controls for heat and humidity, allowing you to perfectly control the sauna environment.

Enjoy Health And Relaxation As Part Of Every-Day

A modern home sauna can perfectly complement your lifestyle and provide all the health and wellbeing advantages you want: relaxation and stress relief, improved cardio-vascular health and healthy circulation are just a few of the benefits of regular sauna use.

Award Winning Customer Service

If you are interested in having a sauna fitted, whether stand-alone or as part of a bathroom refurbishment, why not find out how Jacques Designer Bathrooms can help. We are a premiere supplier of luxury and designer bathrooms in the region, covering areas including: Solihull, Birmingham, Stratford Upon Avon, and Leamington Spa.

With comprehensive design and installation, and a proven award winning service, get in touch with Jacques, or come down to our showroom for more information.